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Vintage Schwinn Wine Box

After a summer full of biking all around Denver, Kristen had an unfortunate close encounter with some Capitol Hill asphalt en route to the office. Luckily, the only true casualty of the plummet was the first wooden wine box we had attached to her rear cargo rack (which ended up being the most serious of losses since it was the crown jewel of the perfect vintage city cruiser). After weeks of vacation and life getting in the way, we finally went back to the small Cherry Creek specialty wine shop where we got the first box and took home a new one and let it sit around for another month or so. 

Let me take a moment to sing the praises of said Cherry Creek wine shop. The Vineyard is by far the classiest of shops I’ve been to here in Denver and definitely out of my boxed-in price range. That being said, their class goes far beyond the quality of their merchandise - the staff of The Vineyard was anxious to help Kristen and me both times we went in, remembered us, and was excited about the project both times. If you can, give ‘em a hello next time you need a bottle. 

So we’ve got the box, we sand it down a bit, slap a couple coats of polyurethane on it, embellish it with some of The Vineyard street cred stickers and let it dry for  a bit. Next, after marking off the alignment of the cargo rack on the inside bottom of the box, I drilled one hole on either side of the mark. Last step was to thread some zip ties through the holes attaching it to the rack nice and snug. 

This has to be the easiest and the most sure fire way to give some old world elegance to any cruiser, vintage or straight out of the box. Just make sure you have a bottle on hand so you can celebrate appropriately.